We are moving to Sacramento and setting up a Zen Center there so sadly there will be no more meetings here in Greenpoint. Thank you to everyone who practiced with us in the short space of time we were here in Greenpoint.


We are a Zen Buddhist meditation group that meets on Thursday evenings at the Greenpoint Reformed Church in Brooklyn, New York. Our focus is awakening, discovering that which has always been true from the very beginning, and its manifestation as every moment of our lives. To help us in our practice we use the method of koan zazen and shikantaza or just sitting. Our practice also includes a focus on the Buddhist precepts. Taking them up as ethical and practice guidelines, we learn to manifest the awakened heart as we walk each step of the way.

Each evening we begin and close with some short verses. Some are a reminder of the preciousness of this human birth and the importance of living our lives wisely, others are dedications, dedications of heart and of intent. Then we generally sit together for two 35 minute periods of zazen, interspersed with walking zazen. We sit on cushions or on chairs depending upon our flexibility. The evenings begin at 7:00pm and close at 8:30pm.  A talk is sometimes given on these evenings. Practice interviews with the teacher are offered each Thursday.

The group is led by Desmond Gilna. Desmond has been a Zen student for the past 30 years. He spent 13 years in residential Zen training in monasteries in Japan and the USA. After completing formal koan study with James Ford Roshi, he was ordained a Zen priest and in 2013 was given permission to teach koan study and shikantaza. He continues his training with James Ford, Roshi and the other teachers of Boundless Way Zen. Desmond trained as a psychotherapist in his native Ireland and is married to William O’Neil who is a practice leader with the group.

Whether you are an experienced meditator who would like to sit with other people or are completely new to practice, you are welcome. For further information, or to arrange meditation instruction if you are new to zen practice, please use the contact form below. The zendo is periodically closed due to vacation so please do remember to check the website or facebook page for any changes.